New Garden!

Still trying to figure out where to put everything for 2019. There’s so much more space here!

Since there are 2 vacant lots where houses were demo’d in the past, the soil there is not safe to eat fresh veggies. I’m going to have to plan out some new raised beds for healthy food, but it’s a fun new challenge!! 🙂

All the vacant houses around us can get a little…overgrown. Hopefully we can also take care of those yards a little bit more this year to keep the neighborhood from turning into a jungle of weeds. We actually have one house next to us that has people living in it, and they are pretty rad. Even though most of the houses here are vacant and falling down, this is the friendliest community I have ever lived in!


Cinco de Mayo Update

It’s still chilly in the evenings, but I’ve had mostly everything undercover at night. The squirrels are my biggest problem!