Trying This Canning Thing

Yesterday was my first time canning. I started with strawberry jam, then pickled cherry tomatoes, and finally some pickled zucchini. Woah, this took all day! Next time I’m hoping it’ll be faster, but yesterday I took my time to make sure I followed the correct steps.

When I made the strawberry jam, I noticed that the fruit all floated to the top of the jars and didn’t look that great. I read online that if I put them upside down for a bit after about an hour, it will help the fruit disperse throughout the jar. And the internet never lies, right? Well…it didn’t work.

The pickled tomatoes were pretty simple compared to canning the jam. I can’t wait till they’re ready to eat. It looks like all the jars sealed, so all I need to do is wait. And wait.

Last thing I did was pickle the zucchini. This was a three-part step, which was nice to get a little break from the kitchen. First the zucchini and onion soaked in salt water for two hours, then it sat in the vinegar/mustard seed concoction for two hours. Then I boiled it and ladled it into the jars for processing.

After bottling it all up, it was about 11:30 at night and I was done! I’m a little nervous about how the food’s going to hold up in the jars. I think I did everything correct, but I guess I won’t know until I see mold growing in a jar when I open it or it explodes with tiny botulism spores spraying everywhere in my kitchen.