Starting New Seeds

I’ve started up my seedlings again — can’t wait to get this year going!

So far, it’s just been a few vegetables: onions, leeks, broccoli & kale. For flowers, I’ve started coleus and pansies and they both seem to be doing well in my cold attic.

Since I’ve been stuck inside of an igloo, I just rented Backyard Harvest: A year-round guide to growing fruit and vegetables again from the library. Last year, I kept it for a super long time and didn’t want to give it back. I eventually ran out of renewals and had to send it home. I love this book so much — it’s great for beginners and the pictures are awesome.

Seed Starting – Part III

Everything has been taking off!

I’ve been using this organic fertilizer to keep everything going. Just a tiny bit added to the water every two weeks has been working out pretty well so far. I mean, how could it not work when the guy on the front looks like “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski?


I started running out of room in the attic under the lights, so I had to start moving plants to the windows. They seem to like it pretty well, no complaints so far.   🙂

Seed Starting

Starting some Broccoli and some herbs seemed like a good idea to put away the winter blues. It’s early, but I’m only going to keep them in containers indoors, so they should be ok as long as I keep them away from the crazy cold drafts coming from outside.

Seeds to Start

Getting ready to start Broccoli and some herbs to keep indoors until I can really get going next month.