New Garden!

Still trying to figure out where to put everything for 2019. There’s so much more space here!

Since there are 2 vacant lots where houses were demo’d in the past, the soil there is not safe to eat fresh veggies. I’m going to have to plan out some new raised beds for healthy food, but it’s a fun new challenge!! 🙂

All the vacant houses around us can get a little…overgrown. Hopefully we can also take care of those yards a little bit more this year to keep the neighborhood from turning into a jungle of weeds. We actually have one house next to us that has people living in it, and they are pretty rad. Even though most of the houses here are vacant and falling down, this is the friendliest community I have ever lived in!


Spring moves forward

This garden is built on hardwork, perseverance,  and lots of dog poo! 😂

I spend a lot of time in my garden. Over the years, I’ve learned to forget about selfish people, like my old ex who left to look a fool with a gimmicky life and fake personality. I learned to appreciate my friends for their truth and honesty (even if I don’t want to hear it). I learned to take advantage of every opportunity given to me, because I might never get that chance again. And I’ve learned that life moves forward, no matter how much I want it to stay in one spot.

My garden for the most part stays the same, but little changes come and go every year. It keeps it interesting, and I love it more and more every year. 😄😊


First Spring Plantings ’16

I’m a little late with my plantings this year. I got mostly everything in, but am going to wait on the tomatoes for another week, since it looks like the nights are still going to get a little chilly the next few days.

I’m not sure anyone can ever be whole again from separation from a loved one, but I can at least fill the void with plants and greenery 🙂

Hopefully it’s a nice summer and I can try some cucumbers again — I think I can get it this time!!

2015 – June

It’s been awhile! Tooo much rain so far this year, and the temps are just starting to get nice and warm. I planted corn for the first time, and it seems to be doing ok. I don’t have any huge expectations, so we’ll see!! I planted a magnolia tree this year in the backyard, and the cherry tree from last year seems to be doing just fine so far. Yessss!!!!

Cinco de Mayo Update

It’s still chilly in the evenings, but I’ve had mostly everything undercover at night. The squirrels are my biggest problem!



The cold is going away!!

I was away all last weekend on a derby tournament and came back to green grass and warm weather — I’ll take it!

Yesterday I set up the bamboo poles in the pea/bean bed. I also cleared the remaining beds a little more to get ready for more plantings. Here’s my general garden plan for this year:

2014 Garden Plan

The peppers and tomatos have already been started in the house. They aren’t going out until the middle of next month. I’ve got the root crops & brassicas planted, along with a row of peas. The row cover over the brassicas (ok, and some lettuce, too) is helping keep the temp slightly warmer than if it wasn’t there. It’s also keeping out the squirrels, which keep digging up my strawberries. (ahhhhh!!!!)

The last thing I’ve done this week is plant a cherry tree. It’s supposed to do well in cold weather areas, and is self-fertilizing. I’ve never planted a tree before, but hopefully after watching 8 million youtube videos, I’ve got it down. I’ll post updates!

Cherry Tree