First planting outside

I went with broccoli 🙂

I added some hoops so I can cover at night if it gets too cold (but it’s actually been pretty warm so far in the evenings).

To attach the 6ft 1/2-inch PVC pipes, I attached 4 pieces of 1 inch PVC pipe to the inside of the bed with pipe fittings. These pieces were about 4 inches in length. The 1/2-inch PVC hoops can be easily removed or attached when needed by sliding into the 1-inch anchors.

In the garage, I found an old piece of plastic used to cover the floor when I was painting…it has a few holes in it, so I’m going to try to use it as a cover when it gets super cold. I’m not sure what to use to keep bugs off the brassicas…maybe a sheet if it turns out that I need it.

Hoops added for cover

Seed Starting

Starting some Broccoli and some herbs seemed like a good idea to put away the winter blues. It’s early, but I’m only going to keep them in containers indoors, so they should be ok as long as I keep them away from the crazy cold drafts coming from outside.

Seeds to Start

Getting ready to start Broccoli and some herbs to keep indoors until I can really get going next month.