I’m a lover of coffee, gardening, roller derby, programming and enjoying life.


I try to garden in Cleveland, Ohio — it’s tough– the winters are pretty cold, but I love it here. If you read a few posts, you’ll probably find out that I’m no expert at gardening. Whatever I post here is the trial & error (or hopefully success) of my attempts at gardening. No training and no classes, I have no idea what I’m really doing. But you have to start somewhere, right?   🙂

2013 is the year I’m officially trying to grow some edible vegetables. In the past, I’ve grown a few peppers (and by a few, I mean I planted 4 plants and came up with maybe 3 peppers). I’ve been reading up at the library and planning out what’s going in the ground. I’m determined this year — it will work!

When I’m not out working in the yard, I’m playing roller derby with the Burning River Roller Derby team. It’s fun, it’s athletic but it’s also very time consuming. Weekends are usually all filled up with derby related events, so during the week I try to spend as much time outside as possible. There’s nothing like waking up, making some coffee and enjoying it out on the patio.