The cold is going away!!

I was away all last weekend on a derby tournament and came back to green grass and warm weather — I’ll take it!

Yesterday I set up the bamboo poles in the pea/bean bed. I also cleared the remaining beds a little more to get ready for more plantings. Here’s my general garden plan for this year:

2014 Garden Plan

The peppers and tomatos have already been started in the house. They aren’t going out until the middle of next month. I’ve got the root crops & brassicas planted, along with a row of peas. The row cover over the brassicas (ok, and some lettuce, too) is helping keep the temp slightly warmer than if it wasn’t there. It’s also keeping out the squirrels, which keep digging up my strawberries. (ahhhhh!!!!)

The last thing I’ve done this week is plant a cherry tree. It’s supposed to do well in cold weather areas, and is self-fertilizing. I’ve never planted a tree before, but hopefully after watching 8 million youtube videos, I’ve got it down. I’ll post updates!

Cherry Tree


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