It has begun…the season of the lawnmower

I’m not a fan of lawns. But last year, the city was upset that we didn’t care to mow it. We paid a college kid to come and take care of it, but it’s my job this year. Too bad we sold our lawn mower at last year’s garage sale.

The worst part of mowing for me is the gas fumes and the noise. To try and remedy that, I opted for an electric cordless mower. I had the batteries charging as soon as the mower arrived, so this morning I was ready to go as soon as I woke up.

This thing was very quiet…kind of sounded like a hair dryer. It also cut just as well and just as long as the gas mower we used to have — very nice!

When I was done, I took some of the grass clippings from the front yard and used them as mulch over the top of the raised beds.

Here’s how it looks:


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