Last Year’s Containers

Normally, all of my container plants die over the winter. I’m just not great at keeping plants indoors (unless, of course, it’s a spider plant).
But this year, I’ve managed to (barely) keep 2 containers.


Fuscia plant with a tiny pansy trying to stay alive.

Both of these were outside over the summer, and were brought in at early fall. The Fuscia above looked completely dead — I left it out in the burning sun over the summer and it was very, very baked. I brought it in as a loss and was going to reuse the pot, but it started growing new shoots from the dead-looking stems. There’s also a pansy in there that was in pretty decent shape. I cut it down for the winter. I have to say that I was not expecting it to stay alive at all.


Philodendron just hanging out.


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